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Works like a dream

Can recommend it as middle ware between bberry, lotus notes and I pad - great utility!

Perfect app.

While Im not so fond of the web page ergonomics, the iPhone app is perfect, as is the smooth integration in gmail, where RTM replaces the basic Tasks widget. Ive tried tons of todo apps and this one is the perfect balance for me.

Dont upgrade!

The last update is a perfect demonstration about how to destroy a good app.

No sync

There is no sync with Google Tasks

The best task manager ever

Syncs great! Tasks in the cloud! Easy and fast web site



Idioma bugou

Apos a atualização para o ios 9.0.2 e ios 9.1 o idioma ficou bugado. O idioma Português Brasil está com 90% em inglês. --------- Good evening. After you upgrade from iOS 9.1 App remember the milk is introducing errors in translation. The iPhone 6 is in Portuguese Brazil, but remember app is mixed with the language, with parts in Portuguese and parts in English. One example would be the months and days of the week are all in English, even the iPhone being in Portuguese Brazil.

Super App!

Wonderful tool, worth every penny

Good 2Do-List

Good integration via Web and app. Instant update from app to web. Withdrawal is the manual update from web to app. But it is fast and reliable.

Not much to wish for

Milkdrinker. Good idea switching the items between complete and incomplete.

very few updates

remember the milk was one of the pioneers of online task management I assume. the web front end allows keyboard shortcuts, uses client side computing and so on, very innovative, 5 years ago... since then very few updates and innovations. they maintain the website and apps for many kinds of devices. also there is a forum for users where you can post ideas, which wont make any difference since nobody cares. I am disappointed. currently I still have a abo but strongly consider to change to (twice expensive) nozbe

why to register

do i really need to register for simple shopping list that i anyway need to use offline only? no... so uninstalling it

Simply awesome!

This app help me organize my task very easyly.

Been using it for years!

Seamless synching with my PC.

Great app! One suggestion...

Ive been using the app for about a week now and the UI is fantastic. Looks really nice and is incredibly intuitive. Itd be super useful to have the option to show the duration of a task while in the list view. Then I could quickly scan the list when I have a free moment and determine which task to do. Developers please add! $24 per year is not too unreasonable for auto syncing but Ill see how productive I can be with the free version. Overall great app!

So useful

Mainly use it for grocery shopping and keeping track of recipes. Very very useful for these.

Well put together

Sync works well with google and apple. Nice UI

Excellent app, worth the upgrade

Love the way you can view your to dos by tag, priority, or due date. Easy to use. Also love the email to dos option. Highly recommended

At last a task list that syncs with Outlook

Ive waited years for an app that seamlessly syncs my iPhone to Outlook. Keep it up!

Excellent for lists and reminders

I used it mostly for grocery lists, but it is very easy to use and navigate.

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